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What is Sterilization with Formaldehyde?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Sterilization with Formaldehyde?

Sterilization with Formaldehyde

LTSF (Low temparature steam and formaldehyde = Low Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde),
► Pure formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, toxic and highly soluble gas that boils at 19 o C. For formaldehyde sterilization, the temperature should be 50-80 °  and humidity should be 60-80%.
► As with EtO, people using formaldehyde sterilizers should also have regular health checks.
► The exposure limit is 0.75 ppm in the 8 hours working period in the workplaces. According to the OSHA standard, the short-term (less than 15 minutes) exposure limit is 2 ppm.



✓ Preferred for temperature sensitive materials
✓ No need for ventilation


 ✓ Toxic
 ✓ Liquids cannot be sterilized.
 ✓ There is 1.5 CM length, 2 mm inner diameter limitation.
 ✓ Formaldehyde harms the environment because of  throwning into the drainage system through the water channel. (Also is said that it does not harm because it dissolves in water)




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