Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler
Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler

Principles of packaging

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | Principles of packaging

►The bundle containing non-cotton reusable textile covers and gowns to be sterilized in the steam sterilizer must not be larger than 30x30x50 cm in size and weigh no more than 5.5 kg.
►The total weight of the packaged medical device set (sum of tray, medical devices and bundle) must not exceed 10 kg.
    *Very heavy medical device sets may pose a risk for drying and sterilization. Lifting and transportation of heavy sets may cause injury (ergonomic damage) to healthcare workers.
    *Total weight is reported as 25 lbs = 11.36 kg in the literature. The weight of rigid container sets should not exceed 11 kg.
►Pouches or rectangular packing is done with double packing material.

►Each layer is packed separately
►Perforated sterilization trays that allow steam to pass through are preferred.
►A disposable towel or non-woven material is placed on the bottom of the tray.
►The towel overflowing from the tray is folded over the medical devices.
►The sterilization date and information about the contents of the package must be written on the packages. The sterilizer loading/cycle number does not have to be on the package label or on the package, but it must be traceable in which sterilization cycle it was sterilized (via loading records or electronic documentation, etc.).


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