Bowie & Dick Test Pack

Bowie & Dick Test Pack

✳Designed for steam sterilization (134°C 3,5 minutes - 121ºC 15 minutes)

✳Comply with  ISO 11140-1, ISO 11140-4, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

✳Manufactured in absence of lead or other heavy metals. Water based.

✳Dısposable, pre-assembled and ready to use test packs.

✳Test cards can be stored for recording.

✳It is designed with 200 or 400 leaves in the box.

SDMBD-200 Bowie&Dick Test Pack (200 Sheets)
SDMBDB-200 Bowie&Dick Test Pack Wrapping (200 Sheets)
SDMBD-400 Bowie&Dick Test Pack (400 Sheets)
SDMBDB-400 Bowie&Dick Test Pack Wrapping (400 Sheets)

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