About Us

Sudemed adopt the principle of providing sterilization and disposable products to users in the medical and dental sectors which has gained the trust of users with its principled service understanding and quality products.  Sudemed shapes its production by always prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our products consist of a combination of high engineering and productive workmanship of the highest quality raw materials, both domestic and international.
Sudemed, which started its service with a 1000 square meter production facility in 2009, has increased its production facility to an area of 6000 square meters and its production capacity 10 times in line with the increasing customer demands.
Sudemed will continue to grow and offer you quality products with the power it takes from our valued customers.


Sudemed aims to provide credible and unproblematic products through following recent development in technology and serves the products according to international standard. Our first foremost vision is to be Pioneer in medical products manafacture in the world.


Producing products appropriately national and international standards which have contribution to human health, improving the quality regularly and assessing the customer’s demands to get the right decisions immediately and efficiently constitute Sudemed’s mission.