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Recommendations for Infection Control in Dentistry

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | Recommendations for Infection Control in Dentistry

Recommendations for Infection Control in Dentistry


To prevent blood and organic matter from drying out, the material awaiting care must always be stored wet. A detergent solution can be used for this purpose. Prolonged soaking can sometimes lead to corrosion of the material and the growth of bacteria (with the exception of the addition of disinfecting agents). Prolonged soaking should therefore be avoided


All instruments should be cleaned after each use, even if they are subsequently disinfected or sterilized. Machine washing is preferable because of its effectiveness and because it reduces the risk of needlestick injury

Machine washing
Instruments are mechanically cleaned in a washer-disinfector. It is the most preferred technique. The procedure does not depend much on person-related factors. The risk of sharps injury is significantly reduced and thermal disinfection can be performed (thermal-disinfection) (see further on).

Ultrasonic washing
The ultrasonic washer is suitable for the maintenance of difficult-to-clean instruments such as thin, piercing, endodontic instruments. The ultrasound bath is filled with a suitable cleaning-disinfecting liquid. It is important that this product has anti-wear properties. This fluid should be changed regularly (follow the manufacturer's instructions as indicated on the product).

Hand washing
 Cleaning is done in a detergent solution in water to avoid splashes. Personal protective equipment such as aprons, gloves (rubber) and eye protection (splash goggles) should be used in these situations. The use of a brush with a long handle makes it easier to avoid needlestick injuries. Hand washing should be avoided as far as possible.

It is important that all areas of the instruments are accessible during cleaning. Therefore, needle holders, scissors and forceps should be maintained in the open position. For hollow objects, the interior must also be carefully cleaned (e.g. water container).

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