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What is Sterilization Reel?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Sterilization Reel?

Sterilization Reel

What is a Sterilization Reel?
  As a packaging solution designed for use in sterilization applications, sterilization reel provide protection against contamination of medical devices with bacteria and chemicals from the moment of sterilization to the use of sterile medical devices.

 What Is Sterilization Reel Used For?

  Sterilization reels provide safe solutions for small clinics and dental practices. Sudemed Sterilization Reels are designed to be used in steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilizers. Provides an effective and safe solution against re-contamination after sterilization.

Why Is It Important to Use a Sterilization Reel?
 Today, infection control has become very important as more and more bacterial strains are becoming resistant to anti-biotics. Preventing infection has become the key word now. Therefore, sterilization reels and other auxiliary items have now become indispensable for hospital sterile units.


What is the Area of Usage Sterilization Reel?

 It is used to sterilize surgical instruments in medicine, laboratory, pharmacy and similar fields.

What are Sudemed Sterilization Reel Made of, What Do They Contain?
 Sudemed Sterilization Reels, which are closed on three sides, are produced from multi-layer transparent PET / PP film and medical kraft paper.
It consists of strong edge weld resistance and clearly visible adhesion channels in its design.
It is produced from the world's highest quality 60gsm and 70gsm medical kraft paper.
It consists of a reinforced film that minimizes the risk of tearing. Film laminations do not contain solvents.
The pouches contain water-based non-toxic steam and ethylene oxide (EO) process indicators.




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