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What is Sterilization?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Sterilization?
Like all living things in the world, microorganisms also nourish and multiply in environments suitable for them. They continue their lineage by fighting against various factors that may be harmful to them where they are located. Some of them can stay alive in the outdoor environment for years by forming sports. Saprophytes (rotten bacteria) reproduce in an inanimate environment in nature. Those living in living things are called parasites. Commensal parasites feed and reproduce without harming the body of living things. However, when the body resistance of the living creature is broken, the commensals that cause disease by multiplying in the tissues are called potentials or opportunists. Pathogenic parasites cause disease by multiplying in the cells and tissues of living things.
It is not always necessary to kill all microorganisms in the external environment. Contamination is prevented by killing pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease by applying disinfection. When disinfection is applied, vegetative forms of disease-causing and non-disease bacteria and spores of disease-causing bacteria such as anthrax die. Since the spores of some saprophyte bacteria are very resistant, they do not die by disinfection. Since these do not cause disease, it is not important that they do not die by disinfection. Disinfection is applied to the inanimate environment and should not damage the property during this process. Materials used for disinfection are called disinfectants. Some of the disinfectant substances can be diluted too much and can be applied to the skin, even open wounds such as antiseptic agents.
The process of applying antiseptics to substances that cause the microorganisms in the outer cover of the living organism to be removed locally by killing or stopping their reproduction is called antiseptic.
Sterilization is the process of killing all microorganisms and their spores with any substance or object. The word meaning of sterilization can be expressed as purification.
It is not possible to differentiate this process such as light, medium, and advanced sterilization. As a result of this process, all microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated. Sterilization has been done or not. This process has no degrees or application differences.


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