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What is Pressurized Steam Sterilization Method?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Pressurized Steam Sterilization Method?

Pressurized Steam Sterilization Method

When saturated steam at a certain temperature encounters a cooler material, it immediately condenses on the material. During condensation, it gives the melting temperature to the material and the material quickly reaches the temperature of the steam. Meanwhile, the thin water layer formed on the material also provides a lethal effect on microorganisms. Four factors affect the sterilization process: saturated steam, temperature, time and pressure.
► According to the EN 13060 standard, sterilizers that cannot fit a box of 30x30x60cm and whose size is less than 60 liters are small sterilizers.
► According to the EN 285 standard, it is defined as large sterilizers which have a bowl and can enter a box of at least 30x30x60cm.

Steam Sterilization Application Temperature and Time:

 ✓ 3 - 3.5 minutes at 134 ° C (in pre-vacuum autoclaves)
 ✓ 15 minutes at 121 ° C (in pre-vacuum autoclaves)
 ✓ 30-45 minutes at 121 ° C (in autoclaves without vacuum)

Gravity autoclaves

 ► Steam enters the sterilizer and displaces air
 ► It is suitable for materials without lumens.
 ► Can be used for sterilization of liquids.
 ► Not used for surgical instrument sterilization 
 ► Bowie & Dick test is not applicable.

Pre-vacuum autoclaves


After preheating, the air in the sterilizer is evacuated by vacuum and then the steam fills the sterilizer in series waves.
 ► For an effective steam sterilization, the sterilizer is completely free of air and non-condensing gases.
 ► Make sure that there is no steam (wet steam) that is overheated and contains water particles.
 ► In this way, better penetration of the steam is achieved.


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