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What is Medical Kraft Paper?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Medical Kraft Paper?

 What is Medical Kraft Paper?

As we all know, we are going through a troubled pandemic process as humanity. Within this period, there have been a number of concepts that many of us already know but have just entered the lives of some of us. The most striking of these concepts is undoubtedly "sterilization". Sterilization is not only a concept that has become popular during the pandemic process, but it is a concept that we must keep in mind when we receive medical services from health institutions as patients or when we participate in operational processes as healthcare professionals.
 It is extremely important for our health that medical tools and equipment used in dental or any other surgical operations are sterile. It is possible to protect and purify these instruments from all kinds of micro-living things and dirt with sterilization methods and sterilization packaging products.
 As with all products, there are quality differences in sterilization packaging materials due to manufacturers and raw materials. However, it is extremely risky and dangerous to prefer low quality products in an extremely vital issue such as sterilization. One of the main reasons why such low quality products are preferred is that there is a serious lack of information in the market on this issue.
 In the absence of effective purification, invisible harmful micro-organisms may remain or reproduce on devices and medical instruments.

 One of the most important methods of preventing this negative situation is to choose the right company or manufacturers from whom you purchase sterilization packaging products. Although not every company and manufacturer prefer quality raw materials, it is also extremely difficult to find the right manufacturer for customers.
  Sudemed uses "Medical Kraft Paper" for its Sterilization Flat Pouches and Sterilization Flat Rolls, that is considered as the best quality medical paper raw material in the world.
 In this article, we will examine what medical kraft paper is and its importance in sterilization.
We wish everyone healthy and sterile days!


What is Medical Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper, made of 100% cellulose fibers, suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde and irradiation sterilization methods, designed to allow penetration of the sterilizing agent, is called medical kraft paper.

What is the Raw Material of Medical Kraft Paper?

The cellulose material used in the production of paper with medical norms is generally obtained from trees from Scandinavian countries. These countries have continuous low temperature and snowfalls. This weather condition helps the trees grown in these countries grow more slowly and gradually, thus the trees can form more resistant fibers. Low temperatures also prevent pests from multiplying, eliminating the need for fumigation and the use of chemicals. It also makes the material more pure.

How is the Production Process of Medical Kraft Paper?

 In the production process, cellulose is not subjected to any chemical processing. However, fibers are produced to exactly the same degree of purity as when obtained from trees. When the production process of cellulose fibers begins, different measures are taken to produce longer fibers from short fibers. Long fibers are fibers that form more than half of the medical grade paper structure. Optical brighteners are not used when producing pure cellulose medical paper. Optical brighteners are not used when producing medical paper with pure cellulose.
 Cellulose fibers that maintain their purity are bonded to each other by a special glue-based adhesive that allows the medical-capable paper produced from it to resist moisture when subjected to sterilization process with moist heat. This is also highly critical for the sterilization process with moist heat.

Why Medical Kraft Paper Should Be Preferred In Sterilization Methods?

a) It is an effective barrier against the penetration of microorganisms and environmental dusts.
b) It is permeable to the sterilizing substance.
c) Reduced pore sizes guarantee safe storage.
d) They are resistant to both dry and wet sterilization methods.
e) They do not release the material during use and do not damage the material packed in it.
f) They have high mechanical strength in both dry and wet conditions.
g) Compatible with sterilization processes with Steam, ethylene oxide and gamma rays.
h) Provides a high bacterial barrier performance during storage of sterilized devices.


Why You Should Prefer Sudemed Medical Products?

Sudemed medical products is one of the leading medical companies in Turkey with many years of experience and quality products. Therefore, there are several reasons why you should prefer Sudemed medical products:

1. Quality products: Sudemed manufactures its products using high quality materials and ensures its quality by regularly testing the products.
2. Affordable price: Sudemed offers quality products at affordable prices. This enables them to meet the needs of their customers and reduce their costs at the same time.
3. Wide range of products: Sudemed has a wide range of products including medical productssterilisation roll, sterilisation pouch, chemical indicators.
4. Customer orientation: Sudemed attaches importance to customer satisfaction and endeavours to meet the needs of its customers. It has a professional team to help you find the right products for your needs.
5. Experience: Sudemed has many years of experience in the health sector in Turkey and therefore gives confidence to its customers.

For these reasons, Sudemed medical products are a preferable brand with features such as quality, reasonable price, wide product range, customer orientation and experience.


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