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What is Gas Plasma (H202) Sterilization?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Gas Plasma (H202) Sterilization?

Gas Plasma (H202) Sterilization

► Hydrogen peroxide is injected into the device with a cassette placed by the user. In the environment under deep vacuum, hydrogen peroxide evaporates and disperses. In the diffusion phase, As a  biocide hydrogen peroxide, has a lethal effect on microorganisms. After that, with the help of applied radio frequency (RF) energy, a plasma is created that will react with microorganisms and stop their vital functions. When RF energy is turned off, H2O2 mainly converts into water vapor and oxygen.
► There are no special ventilation requirements.
► H202 System completes one sterilization cycle in approximately 1 hour
► Cellulose-free synthetic materials such as polypropylene and tyveck are used for packaging.
► Company's recommendations are taken into consideration regarding the suitability of lumen diameters and lumen length measurements.
► If the lumen length and diameter is more than the company recommended (longer than 40 cm and lumen diameter less than 3 mm), sterilization is performed using a booster.


✓ Sterilization is provided between 28 minutes and 74 minutes
✓ No ventilation time needed
✓ Suitable for temperature and humidity sensitive materials
 ✓ It does not harm the environment.


✓ Liquids cannot be sterilized





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