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What is Disposable Apron?

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | What is Disposable Apron?
Disposable Apron

 Disposable aprons are important personal protective equipment used to protect healthcare workers from the risk of infection and to reduce the possibilities for cross contamination of microorganisms.

What Are Disposable Aprons For?
 Disposable aprons provide unique resistance to water, oil, blood and other cleaning fluids. In such cumstances
, liquid-proof disposable aprons are the most preferred medical garments.

What is the Importance of Disposable Apron?
 Disposable aprons are ideal for personal protection during medical procedures, cleaning tasks or food preparation. Disposable aprons are important components of the infection control strategy. However, it is important to use them properly. Otherwise, they may increase patients' risk of healthcare-associated infections.

Is It Mandatory to Use Disposable Aprons?
 The decision to use apron in a particular healtcare activity or intervention should be considered in the light of the following points, taking into account current health and safety legislation:
A) Risk of contamination of microorganisms to the patient or healthcare professional
B) Risk of contamination of the healthcare professional's clothing and skin by the patient's blood or body fluids

What Needs To Pay Attention to Purchase Disposable Aprons?
 Proper infection control is vital. For this reason, it is important for medical practitioners to be able to get the correct materials they need to prevent contamination.
Disposable aprons are often sold in rolls designed for effective infection control and hygiene care in medical facilities.

The main features of a good disposable apron should be:
  • Must have enhanced tear resistance
  • Its design must be durable
  • Larger size provides more body coverage for better infection control
  • High quality perforations make aprons easy to detach from the roll
  • Ideal thickness is in the 18-20 micron range (+/- 20% tolerance).
 Aprons are often made from heavy-duty plastic to help provide effective protection and infection control. This makes it easier to wear, increasing tear resistance and reducing the risk of damage.

Besides having a larger size and harder material, the apron roller also has high quality holes between each apron. This helps the aprons to be easily separated with minimal waste.
Disposable aprons are available in a variety of models and colors. (white, red, yellow, blue and green)

With its 12 years of experience in the sterilization sector, Sudemed provides maximum safety with its own sterilization packaging materials for disposable and reusable aprons.

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