Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler
Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler

Sterilization Applications with Chemical Substances

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | Sterilization Applications with Chemical Substances
Chemical substances most commonly used in sterilization with chemical substances in MSU; ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, peracetic acid glutaraldehyde
Sterilization with Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
Ethylene oxide is widely used in hospitals to sterilize sensitive instruments that are sensitive to heat. It is gas sterilant which does not have oxidizing and corrosive effects for tools, has high penetration ability and is very effective when used correctly. Ethylene oxide is liquid below 10.8 ° C, gas state above it, very toxic, irritating and explosive in pure form. It is not found in pure form commercially. Mixtures with carbon dioxide gas are sold. In sterilization studies with ethylene oxide, it is necessary to work with personal protection and by taking the following protective measures for the environment.
✓ Protective gear
✓ Gloves, bonnets
✓ Eye protection mask
✓ Long sleeve shirt
✓ Since EtO is a colorless, odorless, slightly heavier than air, flammable and explosive, toxic gas, danger warning signs are posted in the work area.
✓ Only authorized persons enter the EtO area.
✓ Relevant personnel should be trained on the dangers and safe use of EtO. (device maintenance, emergency, potential damages, etc.)
✓ EtO gas waste is evacuated after neutralization with a catalyst.
✓ Audible alarm system or hand detector is used for the gas level in the EtO room.
✓ In case of EtO gas leakage, clothes that provide protection from chemical gas vapor and meet the standards should be used (gas mask and protective clothing).



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