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Sterilized instruments must be kept sterile until the moment of use. For this purpose, precautions should be taken to prevent the sterile equipment from being contaminated by cutting its contact with the external environment after sterilization. Covering the tools with different techniques using specially produced materials to protect them from contamination after sterilization and to maintain their sterility until the moment of use is called packaging. The packaging should create an effective barrier to protect the medical equipment to be sterilized from possible contamination and should allow sterilization. Packaging material should be capable of allowing sterilized gas, air, steam to enter and exit into the package.
The points to be considered in the packaging process are:

Tools and materials must be dried.
✱Drying should be done using an air gun or drying cabinets.
✱Make sure that the tools are clean, dry and working.
✱The joints of tools with inoperable joints should be lubricated with water-soluble oils.
✱Tools showing signs of wear, corrosion, deformation or other damage must be taken out of service.
Woven packing materials are not suitable for use as packing material for sterilisation purposes because they do not have sufficient barrier properties of the appropriate standard. Standardised special fabrics with barrier properties can be used by washing a predetermined number of times.
The integrity of the package must be intact.
It must be resistant to tearing and puncture.
✱Compatible with the sterilisation method.
✱Package must protect its contents from damage.
✱It must form an effective barrier to protect the medical material to be sterilised from contamination.
It must have no toxic content.
It should not leave feathers (lint).
✱Allow proper venting of air.
✱Should be used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.



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