Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler
Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler

Fabrics Used in Surgical Garments

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | Fabrics Used in Surgical Garments
As the importance given to compliance with health rules in the world increased, the importance given to surgical garments, which constitute a branch of medical textiles, has increased. Surgical garments are clothing designed to prevent infections by creating a barrier between sterile and non-sterile areas, used as personal protective equipment to minimize the transmission of viruses to patients and the exposure of healthcare personnel to pathogens, especially blood-borne pathogens. Surgical drapes, surgical gowns, masks, caps and shoe covers are included in the surgical garment group. Surgical garments are produced using nonwoven and woven fabrics for single and reusable uses. Surgical gowns take the most important place in surgical garments.
The source of bacteria that can cause infection in the operating environment is not only the surgical team and the environment. The patient himself is also a source of bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to consider bacterial spread in two ways. Viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, which can pass to the hospital staff when they come into contact with the patient's body fluids, can enter the body when the appropriate environment is created. This situation is the main cause of the infection in the operating environment. As a result of the infection, the patient or the surgical staff may face risks that can be very expensive. Therefore, in order to minimize such risks, sterilized surgical garments and drapes that can be protected by both the patient and the surgical team should be used. Medical garments used by the surgical team during the operation include; surgical gowns, caps, masks and shoe covers.


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