Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler
Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler

Bowie & Dick Test

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | Bowie & Dick Test
 ✓ In vacuum steam sterilizers, it is tested whether the saturated steam quickly and properly enters the load planned to be sterilized.
✓ The sterilizer's ability to remove the air from the cell and prevent the re-entry of air is tested with this method.
✓ For an effective sterilization in steam sterilization, the steam must reach all surfaces to be sterilized in the form of saturated steam and maintain its effect at the appropriate temperature and time.
✓ The number and depth of pre-vacuum in the Bowie-Dick test program and the pre-vacuum number and depth of the sterilization program in daily use must be the same. This control can be achieved by comparing the outputs of both programs.
✓ Bowie & Dick test pack is placed on the lowest shelf closest to the air release valve or vacuum pump when the sterilizer is empty.
✓ Sterilization time should not be longer than 3.5 minutes in the Bowie & Dick test program.
✓ At the end of the program, the test sheet is checked and if there is no problem, all lines are expected to turn into a homogeneous reference color.
✓ The Bowie & Dick test is done at the same time every day before starting operations, if the device is operated without turning off after major repairs.
✓ Bowie & Dick test results must be kept.

 Sudemed is the one of renowned sterilization & packing manufacturer that specialized in sterilization, producing hospital sterilization products in its own facility in Ankara Turkey.
Sudemed, as a sterilization roll and pouch manufacturer presents medical products which has been produced since 2009 in its own facility to his customers.                                                                                   
Our product range includes cleaning surgical instruments as; 
Tyvek sterilization rolls, Tyvek sterilization pouches, sterilization rolls, sterilization pouches,  autoclave wrapping material, medical kraft paper, medical crepe paper, bowie & dick test packs and chemical indicators.

Another product that is in high demand is the sterilization pouch. This pouch can also be identified with the names of sterile packs, sterilization bags, autoclave pouches, and autoclave bags.
 Our products are in high demand for sterilization of surgical equipment and masks. We also have sterilization pouches made of Tyvek and special kraft paper for disposable masks and disposable surgical apron.

Sudemed sterilization products are used in main areas such as hospital sterilization and sterilization in dentistry.
Our own sterilization rolls are manufactured in various sizes, and the most common sizes of the sterilization roll are;

Sterilization packing rolls 5 cm,

Sterilization packing rolls 7.5 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 10 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 15 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 25 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 30 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 35 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 40 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 50 cm,
Sterilization packing rolls 60 cm,

The sterilization pouches, which are also our own manufacture, are manufactured in various sizes, and the most common sizes of the sterilization pouch are;

Sterilization packing pouches 10 x 10 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 10 x 15 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 10 x 30 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 12 x 15 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 15 x 20 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 15 x 25 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 20 x 20 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 20 x 30 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 20 x 40 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 30 x 40 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 35 x 50 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 40 x 50 cm,
Sterilization packing pouches 40 x 60 cm,


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