Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler
Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sterilization Methods

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | Advantages and Disadvantages of Sterilization Methods





Harmless to employees, patients and the environment. Easy to control and monitor Fast microbicidal effect Short cycle time Penetrating medical packages and lumen devices
Not suitable for heat sensitive materials

Hydrogen peroxide Gas sterilization

Harmless to healthcare workers and the environment It does not leave toxic residual Short cycle time Suitable for temperature and steam sensitive materials Easy to use Compatible with many medical materials
Not suitable for cellulose, cotton and liquids 40 cm length and 3 mm lumen diameter limitation Polypropylene packaging requirement and specific container requirement


Good penetration into packed and luminous instruments Single dose cartridge Minimal gas leakage in negative pressure medium Easy to use Compatible with many medical supplies
Ventilation requirement for removal of EtO Toxic, Carcinogenic, Flammable, Explosive Ventilation time is long

Steam Formaldehyde at Low Temperature

Good penetration into packed and lumen instruments Easy to use Compatible with many medical supplies
Toxic, Carcinogen


Provides sterilization No ventilation time Suitable for temperature and moisture sensitive materials No environmental damage Lumen penetration good
Liquids cannot be sterilized. Special packaging material is required. Not compatible with cellulose, latex, rubber, textile.
References: Sterilizasyon Dezenfeksiyon Rehberi Temmuz, 2015
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