Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler
Sudemed Tıbbi Ürünler

We are at 2013 Medica Fair

Sudemed Tıbbi Urunler | We are at 2013 Medica Fair

Medica Dusseldorf is the International Medical Equipment and Medical Industry Fair organised in Düsseldorf, Germany. Organised by Messe Düseldorf, Medica Dusseldorf aims to bring together exhibitors and visitors in the Health, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Optics, Laboratory sectors.
Medica Dusseldorf is a unique project that offers a platform to present the service areas needed in all areas of the sector and to show the main development trends. It is an international trade fair, the largest fair of its kind.

In 2013, we will be pleased to welcome you, our esteemed guests, to the Medica Fair


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