Tyvek Sterilization Pouch

*Sudemed Tyvek Sterilization Reels are constructed from transparent PET/PE multilayer film and tyvek paper, known with its outstanding strength, durability and tear  resistancy

*As well as industrial use for EO and Gamma sterilization, Tyvek is also used for Gas Plasma sterilization at hospitals

*They consist of strong line barriers and visible sealing line.

*They provide clean and easy opening without traces of particles. 

*Sudemed Sterilization Reels are manufactured in the absence of solvent with high technology production processes which prevent the risk of tearing.

*All reels (all packages) contain water based, non-toxic accurate Steam and EO process indicators 

*Formaldehyde indicator can also be applicable optionally.

*Opening direction is marked

*All materials are manufactured under validated production processes and comply with international standards.

*Comply with TS EN 868-5.

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